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"Google is the ocean - massive, powerful, uncontrollable and deep. SEO is surfing that ocean - catching a wave when you can, constantly shifting your strategy to find the next wave. Our job is keeping your website light and agile, maintaining its momentum and preventing it from sinking into the depths."

Your business needs more web traffic, and you obviously want better search engine rankings. But with thousands of SEO companies out there clamoring for your business, who can you trust? Is SEO really as complicated as it seems? Not the way we do it. Absolute Motion has simplified search engine optimization making SEO easy, straightforward and affordable. We have boiled down the SEO process into these four key ingredients:
Link building for SEO
• Market and keyword research
• Site structure and content
• Link building
• Analysis and refinement

It’s a simple, sound SEO strategy – and we can implement it.

Here’s how:

Market and keyword researchThe very first step in SEO is to research your market and learn from your competitors. Do you have what it takes to succeed in a specific market? Who are your competitors? What kinds of keywords are your customers searching for? How fiercely have your competitors fought for those keywords? Do you have enough firepower to take them on? These are all critical questions that need to be asked when starting in SEO (and asked again and again as your campaign matures). Our job is to do exhaustive research in this arena, using the best tools available, and create a “right now” keyword strategy for your website.
Link buildingLink building is the core of search engine optimization. The number and quality of links to your site is directly correlated to your Google PageRank and search engine results. Links are like votes of approval or character references. Getting links isn’t incredibly difficult, but there are great ways, ok ways and horrible ways to go about it. We have developed several hybrid link building strategies that flat out work. Like your content strategy, your link building strategy is a never ending process. It’s a marathon – not a sprint. And guess what – the best way to get massive numbers of links is with consistently remarkable content.
Site structure and contentMany people are under the assumption that stuffing in some keywords and adding meta tags is enough for “on page” optimization. Not true. Do you need a solid internal linking strategy? Does your website design effect SEO? Does your domain name, menu and URL structure impact your rankings? Absolutely yes, yes and YES. Your site may look nice, but if it wasn’t designed with SEO in mind, your search traffic will suffer. We can rework your website to rest on a solid SEO foundation. Even more important than structure is content. How should your content be crafted for search engines? How optimized is too optimized? We create rich, dynamic content for your pages and we arrange that content for both maximum search rankings AND maximum conversion rates.
Analysis and refinementJohn Wanamaker once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” How do we know which SEO tactics are working? How can we use metrics to measure actual results? The bottom line is really all that matters – are you getting more traffic, more leads, more conversions, and ultimately more sales? Our job is to determine which keywords are getting the best results and build from there. We can also determine which sites are mentioning and/or linking to your website. Consistent backlink analysis is key to refining your link building campaign and overall SEO strategy. The world of organic search is always changing – our SEO strategies, tactics and methods must change with them for you to be successful.

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If after 3 months of work, we haven't produced substantial improvement *** for at least 3 of your keyword phrases, you are entitled to a full refund of all money paid in those 3 months.   You have nothing to lose.   More questions?   Send us an email.

The Absolute Motion advantage (i.e. the difference between us and them)

Personal attention:Will other SEO companies meet up with you in person at your local coffee shop? Likely not – they treat their clients like widgets on an assembly line. We will. We are real people, just like you. We build long term relationships with our clients for a reason – it’s good for business. Our clients become our friends and allies, which allows us to grow organically and virally – the Web 2.0 way.
Custom solutions:We’re not an extensional robotic arm of a big corporation that puts your business into a box and then continues to follow predetermined formulas. We treat each client uniquely – we will ask you the right questions to get a clear picture of your vision, business and customers. We then develop a custom strategy for you and execute it in a way that best suits your brand and marketing goals.
Sound tactics:Many SEO companies claim to have reverse engineered Google’s search algorithm. Ignore these kinds of snake oil propositions. We do what works – giving Google more of what it wants, and Google responds with higher search results. We implement tactics that are HIGHLY effective, yet surprisingly, very few others can replicate our results. Why? It’s simple really – they either are too conventional or too lazy. When you work with us, you are working with some of the most brilliant and tenacious people in the SEO industry.
Real experience:Take a look at our domain name – registered in January of 2000. We’ve been in the SEO, web marketing and web development business for 12 years now. A lot has changed over the years in this field – we have adapted and continue to advance with new technologies. Can you trust us? Absolutely. We’ve been here, and we will continue to be here for you in the foreseeable future.

*** If you ranked on Page 1 for a keyword phrase, substantial improvement is 1 or more positions higher on Google SERPs after 3 months of us starting SEO work. If you ranked on Page 2, substantial improvement is 2 or more positions higher. If you ranked on Page 3, substantial improvement is 3 or more positions higher. If you ranked on Page 4 and below, substantial improvement is 4 or more positions higher. If you were not ranking at all for a keyword phrase, substantial improvement is being ranked for that keyword phrase. If substantial improvement has not occurred for at least 3 of your keyword phrases after 90 days, you have between day 90 and day 100 to send us a written request for a refund.