SEO and web marketing services

Brand Identity ManagementSuccessful branding is about establishing a lasting vision and message for your company.  In other words, brand is the totality of everything you do as a company.  You cannot control your brand, but we can help you guide it.  Your company identity is a component of your brand and includes your name, logo and slogan.  From brand consulting to identity design, we can be your absolute resource.  Whether you are just starting out, or changing the direction of your existing business, we can help you develop these critical elements of your company.
Marketing Strategy ConsultingWhat is your online marketing strategy?  Strategy is the foundation for everything we do at Absolute Motion – we are obsessed with strategy.  In order to succeed, you must refine your vision, cultivate your brand, outline your goals, discover your niche, research your competition, delineate your target demographic and begin reaching them.   We can help you craft a step by step action plan to achieve your online marketing goals.
Content DevelopmentIn today’s world, content is everything.  People demand quality content now more than ever.  Whether it be blog posts, pictures, emails, videos, status updates, articles, tweets, or podcasts – it must be great and it must be current.  Long gone are the days of static content – think of content as the ever evolving blood flow of your business.  If you are doing it right, your published content will be reposted, shared, liked, commented on and circulated virally.  We understand this and will help you develop and execute a powerful content strategy.
Web Development and DesignA website should be the living, breathing hub of your brand.  It should be dynamic – capable of transforming to the ever changing flow of content that your customers expect and demand.  It should be interactive – fostering feedback, conversation and community.  It must be an extension of your company identity while maintaining utmost usability.   All in all, your website is the heart of your online marketing strategy.  Whether you need a new site or are reworking an existing property, we can design and build you a web site that is absolutely perfect.
Search Engine OptimizationYour business needs more web traffic, and you obviously want better search engine rankings. But with thousands of SEO companies out there clamoring for your business, who can you trust? Is SEO really as complicated as it seems? Not the way we do it. Absolute Motion has simplified search engine optimization making SEO easy, straightforward and affordable. We have boiled down the SEO process into these four key ingredients: market and keyword research, site structure and content, link building, and analysis and refinement. It is a simple, sound seo strategy – and we can implement it.
Print Collateral DesignMemorable printed sales and marketing collateral speak volumes about your company brand. Each and every printed piece should be consistent with your overall brand – in perfect sync with your marketing strategy, internet presence, advertising campaigns and content strategy. From remarkable direct mail pieces to stunning brochures and unheard of business card designs – Absolute Motion will exceed your expectations in print design.
Advertising CampaignsAdvertising is persuading your audience to take action – i.e. converting casual observers into paying customers. With myriads of advertising options, you can count on Absolute Motion to navigate the chaos and deliver real results. From traditional media (direct mail, television, radio, billboards and print ads) to the world of online advertising (Google AdWords, email marketing, Facebook ads, pop-up and streaming ads), we are your absolute advertising resource. Not only can we design your ad campaigns, we can continually monitor, track and test them to maximize conversion rates.
Social Media StrategiesSocial media is about connecting and interacting. The secret is knowing how these interactions form an extension of your brand. What do your customers believe/feel/think? Social media is an invaluable resource as it provides immediate feedback on your branding and marketing strategies. Don’t have time to engage in social media? We can orchestrate a strategy that comprises a perfect balance of content, conversation and automation. (i.e. less headaches for you.) We know how to integrate social media into the bigger picture of your online marketing strategy.